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What are you Like?

Written on the: February 26, 2016 by Helen Brenton

reactionsLIKE them, love them or feel angry at them…. the new Facebook emoticons (or emojis) have been in the planning for over a year and the plethora of little facial expressions launched onto our favourite social media site this week.

But what are you ‘like’? Well, now known as ‘Reactions’, Facebook aim to give people more ways to express themselves rather than a simple ‘like’. I must admit at first I did not like this and felt a reaction coming on that there wasn’t an emoji for!….. But then I got to thinking – actually this is starting to make sense. Before Facebook ‘Reactions’ many of us would find ourselves in the position of resorting to “liking” a post  about death or disappointment, in the same way we might like a beautiful photo – or many people would type ‘unlike’ in comments when a sad story fell into their newsfeed.  Facebook hopes to solve this problem!

So, what’s not to ‘like’! Well, having started to bond with these little people, I decided to make my own little crib sheet of when you might use each one….

Like :  Exactly what it says on the tin! You like the post and give it the good old traditional thumbs up.

Love: This is apparently the most welcome and popular of the new emojis and allows you to show stronger feeling for a post, affection for a friend, or an update or photo that makes you go warm and fuzzy!

Haha: Ever typed ‘lol’ on someone’s post? You might like to use this instead!

Wow: This can mean what you want it to mean! Surprised or shocked by someone’s news…. might give you a shocked face! Someone taken an amazing photo – give it the Wow factor! Wow – you will just know when you feel it!

Sad: Facebook expect this to be a very popular emoji… we have all read stories and updates that bring a tear to our eye.

Angry: Rage on! In the absence of the much-wanted ‘dislike’ button, this red hot scowling emoji gives you an opportunity to show anger!

Changed your mind about how you feel? (I am good at that – but middle-age moodswings might be another blog entirely!) Facebook reactions now allows you to change your ‘like’ to ‘love’ or ‘wow’ as the post progresses!

So on reflection, my own reaction to ‘Reactions’ has turned from dislike to like…. and I have pulled a few faces in between!

However, all you can do with this blog is like it, share it, tweet it or pin it! If it makes you angry or laugh out loud, I will never know!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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