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Too Many Hours in a Day?

Written on the: February 15, 2016 by Helen Brenton

Too many houhashtag_time_clock-r23bd1a967836434b80cf679be7a7abcb_fup13_8byvr_324rs in a day?

The saying used to go ‘not enough hours in the day’…. but now there are too many hours in the day! What am I talking about…? Twitter #Hours of course!

So what exactly is a Twitter Hour?

Ahhh I have been asked that question a few times lately….

Twitter Hours are becoming one of the most active and effective social networking events on the web!

But what is the point we hear many people ask? Well, Twitter Hours are to get you to actually engage with other users and other businesses… in REAL TIME. Yes Twitter Hours are Real Time, and most of all they are fun!

The idea is that individuals and businesses from the same local area (or the same industry) “get together” on Twitter, at a specific time on a specific day and have a good old tweet!

The aim is this – you meet, network and build relationships with other people and other businesses in your area that you may never otherwise have met. This will lead to friendships, ventures, referrals and ideally sales. After all, everybody lives by selling something!

Think of it like this – Twitter Hours are like a 21st century gossip over the farm wall! You find out who is doing what, who is saying what, who is making or doing what, and who they are making it for. This is gold for your business. So… If you ever wondered why you or your business need to actively engage in social media – think what you might be missing out on – then think again….

Like a good old chinwag? Read on….

Twitter communities are very welcoming – if it is your fist time, introduce yourself – and always tweet other users back and say Hi! Don’t forget to use the #Hashtag! That’s the whole point. Your tweet won’t be seen without it.

Many local communities, industries and interest groups now use their hashtag to engage in weekly networking conversations, live on twitter, enabling anyone using the hashtag to ‘be seen’ at a certain time on a certain day. However with the growing number of hashtag communities, do your research and pick wisely – which ones are worth giving that hour or two to…. because before you know it you could have spent hours on #hours and not spent enough hours on the day job!

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