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The year that was!

Written on the: December 29, 2017 by Helen Brenton

What a year that was!

It’s that time again… so many posts on social media going on about ‘new year new me’ like you see every year. I have jokingly said I am going to defriend people if I see many more! [or is it unfriend?!] I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am all for friends making positive changes in their lives, but do it a bit at a time, any time of year, then it is likely to last…. I digress…

Anyway, that got me thinking – as one does – when people start going on about ‘out with the old and in with the new’! I have, therefore, this evening, reflected on what has actually been a rather okayish year for me to be honest.

This was the year that was 2017.

Yes, 2017 saw my calendar hanging on many people’s walls and me handing over a donation to the THHN from its sale which made me feel proud that I could do my own little bit for this worthwhile organisation.

Early in the new year I treated myself to some winter sun and flew off to a little island off Africa called Sal where I did very little for a week apart from staring at the sea! As you do! Or as I did anyway!

Wandering around with my camera along the seafront in Torquay has always been my way of chilling out, and I got some great photos this year which have been shared across the globe via the power of social media! I have been approached by agents for some of my photos, and whilst I am being a bit precious at the moment, it might be something I take up in the future….

It is also great to get out and about to other parts of South Devon and I particularly enjoyed some summer sunshine spent in Bigbury and Bantham with the boys.

Crawling out of the woodwork at the end of the domestic football season, I could be seen to take my seat [or should I say armchair!] at Wembley as I watched my hometown get promoted to the Premiership after a tense game of extra time and a penalty shoot out!

My annual fix of Marbella was fabulous this year as the sun shone down on us all week, the bar bill was a little flushed as well I seem to remember!

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Seeing my middle son graduate in Biological Science from Reading University in June was a proud day for me, and he is now studying a Masters in Biomedical Neuroscience at Bristol – which can only mean one thing – another graduation next year, and another new frock!

My French Club is going well – incredible from a tiny idea that even I thought might not work, to where I am now less than three year’s on. I was honoured to be asked to take a stand at the Ageing Well Festival in the Autumn, where I met loads of interesting people as well as raising awareness of my club, which now includes a very successful film club too – oh and a quiz nights on the horizon! I have also helped out with other community groups and events including the Chelston fundraiser, as well as attending and taking part in several network events.

Keeping my tools polished and my brain active I embarked on some online digital courses, including the Google certification in Online Marketing. I also attended a most interesting day’s training when the Google guys came to the Princess Theatre!

It was following this that I was encouraged to apply for a place on the English Riviera BID board of Directors. After umming and ahhing for a while I decided I may as well give it a go. So putting pen to paper I got my application in at the last minute! Opening my emails a few weeks later, I was surprised but extremely pleased, to find I had been successfully elected – and I am looking forward to contributing to the success of marketing the English Riviera as a destination over the next few years.

A journey to Lincoln late in the year to an enjoyable and interesting work conference where I met some great new contacts was just the boost I needed at the end of what had been a particularly challenging few months in the workplace.

I wrapped up the working year by getting scrubbed up to go the Ball with my bezzie last week! This Cinderella did not meet her Prince Charming – although she did manage to keep both her shoes on!!

Dotted in and amongst all this, I have had to tickle the cat, miss my kids (but not miss their washing when they return home!), deal with a couple of health issues, and come to terms with the draining situation with my mothers Alzheimer’s and my fathers deteriorating health. But hey, such is the circle of life – at least we were able to spend Xmas together and I would like to thank Sainsbury’s online service for the timely delivery of the ingredients for dinner!

So, before you say ‘out with the old’… take a moment to reflect on the good things from the past year, you might be surprised, like I was, how good the ‘old year’ actually was!

However, there will be no ‘new me’ as I quite like the ‘old me’ (and no digs about my age please!)

There will certainly be no diets, no fancy gym memberships, and I sure ain’t planning to give up wine and chocolate! However, to everyone who is planning to make positive changes next year, all the best and good luck.

Cheers everyone, have a good weekend x




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