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That Extra Day…

Written on the: February 28, 2016 by Helen Brenton

Pinch punch?   ahh no hold on……ooo it’s that ‘in-between’ day again that we have saved up for the last four years!

But actfebruary29ually, this leap year’s extra day is vital – I am not an astronomist so don’t quote me on this – but apparently there is a complete orbit around the sun this year which takes slightly longer than 365 days – 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds longer, to be exact. Confused? Yeah me too… I need to reel in some of my hard earned time…!

Which leads me to this….

Are some people working for free on the 29th Feb? Interesting thought…. workers on monthly salary could argue that they are giving their employers an extra day once every 4 years? Not really…. After all it is just adding up time from the previous 4 years! Take a tea break and discuss!

So why do all the other months have 30 or 31 days, yet there is this big confusing  thing about February having not only 28 days but sometimes 29 days!! Well it goes something like this –  February suffered from the ego of the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus. Under Julius Caesar, February had 30 days, but when  Augustus was emperor he was annoyed that his month – August – had only 29 days, whereas the month named after his predecessor Julius – July – had 31. “He pinched a couple of days for August to make it the same as July. And it was poor old February that lost out,” Men and their egos, eh!

Then there is the odd tradition of women proposing on leap day – wherever did this come from? Well it is thought to date back to 5th-century Ireland when St Bridget complained to St Patrick that women had to wait too long for suitors to propose! So then women were given a single day in a leap year to pop the question.

Well I am not planning to pop the question to anyone today…. but check your inbox just incase!

Have a good extra day everyone!


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