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Proceed to Checkout…..?

Written on the: March 12, 2016 by Helen Brenton

shopping trolleySo organised is my life, both online and off…!

I have my very own ‘hop on the laptop and do the week’s shopping’ slot allocated at a pre-determined time during the week! This is where I grab a quick cuppa and log onto the website of my supermarket of choice, hastily & robotically clicking items into my virtual trolley from my so very organised lists of ‘favorites’ and ‘usuals’ before proceeding to checkout, and tick – job done. Just to set my alarm to make sure I’m around at the ‘timeslot’ when my favorites and usuals  are set to arrive. Then forget about it and get on with the next thing on the to do list…. as you do!

Or don’t as the case maybe!

The second part of my oh so organised day today was thrown into disorganized chaos when, logging on to aforementioned website only to find it was down. Down? Not available? Errr that doesn’t happen to big websites on a Saturday! Must be my fault! So after checking internet connection like a complete technophobe  and even trying from mobile devices- I  still refused to accept that I could not get this task out of the way in this, my given timeslot! A tweet to the company confirmed my worst fears…. “our service is currently unavailable, we are looking into it asap”, they responded.

Tick tock tick tock – I didn’t have time to wait around for ‘asap’s’!!

So, I came to the scary realisation that I needed a plan B. And quick. Going online to another, unfamiliar, grocery shopping site was one option – the alternative was to grab a handful of carrier bags out of the carrier bag cupboard in the kitchen (does anyone else have a carrier bag cupboard? – another blog for another time!) and head for a real supermarket! I chucked some lippy on, and chose the latter!

Now, being a switched on kind of girl – I made the choice not to head for the supermarket with the poorly website – that would have been too obvious! Imagine all those extra shoppers with trolley rage doing their supermarket sweep because they couldn’t get online! And I wouldn’t have a clue where to find my usuals in their ‘real’ supermarket anyway!!

Forward fast a few hours….. And I actually proceeded to a different, and real, checkout; shopped in a couple of places I don’t usually go; chatted to people I don’t usually see; and have some rather tasty goodies in that I don’t usually notice or buy which look like they could become usuals!

And, the supersaver bit…. I don’t need to get up first thing tomorrow to open the door at the usual time, to take delivery of my usual ‘usuals’! So I get an extra hour in bed! (not sure how I worked that out on my time-management/to do list – but I did!)

However, whether this becomes a usual favorite way of shopping for me…… well that answer is currently unavailable – but I am looking into it!


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