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A Very Social (Media) Occasion..

Posted By: Helen Brenton on September 9, 2015

Social Media, eh? Some people say it’s anti-social and just people sitting behind a computer screen retweeting stuff! I guess there is an element of that, but get this….! The other night was far from anti-social. I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the Torbay Hour Social Media Awards – hay, not just attending […]


Get The Blog On!

Posted By: Helen Brenton on July 9, 2015

Get the Blog on! We live in a blogging world…. .. and I for one am a bit of a self-confessed blogger – I would blog 24/7 if I had time! But of course there are other parts of my life and work that need taking care of too – so once or twice a […]


Discover Ansteys Cove

Posted By: Helen Brenton on June 22, 2015

Off the Beaten Track…. The other day, my camera and I ended up at Ansteys Cove, Torquay … where, whilst breathing in the sea air, I also had to catch my breath on a couple of occasions due to the sheer beauty of this little Cove… Not a soul in site as I wandered down […]


From Camping to Glamping

Posted By: Helen Brenton on June 7, 2015

From Camping to Glamping And the years in between…. Walking away from a festival the other weekend, allbeit to get in my car and drive to a type of dry, warm accommodation – I started reflecting on my history of camping…. and how we had gone from camping to glamping…… and all the years in […]


Bringing Social Media into Work

Posted By: Helen Brenton on June 4, 2015

Bringing Social Media into Work There is no escaping in it, Social Media really is the biggest shift in communication and thinking since the Industrial Revolution! Like a tide that won’t be turned, it is media that’s not going to go away. However, it would seem that the HR corporate sector is one of the […]


Another Manic Monday?

Posted By: Helen Brenton on June 1, 2015

Don’t like Mondays? Pinch Punch – so how are you feeling this first day of the Month…? Because yes, that’s it now until the end of August – that little flurry of long weekends and Mondays off that comes this time of year…! Do you actually dread Mondays? Or is it the chance to start […]


Another Planet

Posted By: Helen Brenton on May 31, 2015

Another Planet…. I had the pleasure of being transported to a planet of my very own this weekend…. How would you like to experience an Orchestra from the inside out? Or even try your hand at being the Conductor? Situated in a giant tent right on the seafront of Torquay, The iOrchestra Universe of Sound is […]


Barbecue… How do you spell yours?

Posted By: Helen Brenton on May 24, 2015

Barbecue. How do you spell yours?! Whether it’s Barbie, BBQ, Barbecue or Barbeque (not queue!) it means the same thing! The rite of summer! Here is the start of the nation’s 19th National Barbecue Week… yes 19 years this has been burning… if you’ll excuse the pun! Thought to stem from the Spanish/Caribbean word ‘barbacoa’ […]


To Stay or not to Stay?

Posted By: Helen Brenton on May 17, 2015

To stay or not to stay? That is the question! Staycation….. that buzzword that keeps buzzing! I think we can safely say Summer is well on its way…. and if you’re anything like me the first day I leave the house without a coat starts me thinking about summer holidays…. but it’s not always a […]


Putting Social into the Mix

Posted By: Helen Brenton on May 3, 2015

Being active on social media is really important for your business. But there are many social media platforms out there all fighting for your attention. So make sure you spend your time wisely – because time is money! Also think carefully about this… When not used well, social media can actually damage your reputation. Whoever […]


Come What May?

Posted By: Helen Brenton on April 30, 2015

It’s that time of year again…. so full of sweet bank holidays that an ordinary working week just doesn’t seem, well, ordinary anymore! But it could be said that there is something a little out of the ordinary about May Day rituals & traditions… Fresh faced? Believing it would keep them beautiful all year, there […]


Going Underground?

Posted By: Helen Brenton on April 26, 2015

It was all rather dark…. Quite literally! Now I don’t know about you, but I am used to people switching the lights on for me…… however, arriving at Kent’s Cavern last Thursday for Le Club Franglais visit, the lights were all out! Yup there was a power cut in that little endroit of Torquay. But it […]

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