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Beyond the Sea…

Posted By: Helen Brenton on April 16, 2017

I am very lucky to live so close to the beautiful sea front in Torquay, and along with many other people I enjoy taking photos of the sun rising and setting on the sands and the Marina. But what goes on beyond the sea? These are just a few of my Easter Weekend photos showing some […]


Being a Mum

Posted By: Helen Brenton on March 26, 2017

What is being a Mum? I’ve recently noticed the many ‘mummy blogs’ online- a growing trend of mothers expressing what mothers have known for generations. That being a mum is tough. Being a mum comes with no job description, no training and no handbook. And no two people do it the same way! Being a […]


Love Yourself!

Posted By: Helen Brenton on February 14, 2017

Someone asked me the other day how long had I been separated. Separated seemed an odd word to use to describe me – all I could think of was an egg, or a bottle of oil and vinegar! I am not separated – infact I am together, complete and whole! That got me thinking….. Indeed, I […]


Let’s Face It!

Posted By: Helen Brenton on January 31, 2017

What could I do with a month or two of free time every year, eh? I could meet up with friends, chat with my elderly parents about their memories and family history; I could read books that are collecting dust; go walking on the Moors; look through old photos; start writing the book I have […]


Every Second Counts!

Posted By: Helen Brenton on December 31, 2016

“2016 has been the worse year ever”, I hear people declare.  It’s true that the past year has seen many ups and downs, including the changing horizon of the country as we prepare to leave the EU, the horror of increasing terror attacks across the world, and the unusually high incidence of celebrity deaths in […]


Open the Door – Fill the Nest

Posted By: Helen Brenton on December 10, 2016

So today I opened the door to number ten (no not Downing Street – the one on my advent calendar!) I felt a little flutter whilst unwrapping the foil on that same chocolate shape that I have eaten every day for the last week or so. But today is different. Today marks the weekend I […]


Raison d’être? – (French on the English Riviera)

Posted By: Helen Brenton on November 23, 2016

From little acorns…… or as the French would say, petit glands! The ‘French Club’ that I wanted to find a couple of years ago did not exist. I was looking for somewhere I could just rock up to when I felt like it, not to learn, but to socialize, have a bit of a bavarder […]


Torquay Reflections – The Calendar

Posted By: Helen Brenton on October 23, 2016

The story behind Torquay Reflections – my 2017 Calendar On the back of winning the ‘Love Torbay’ category in the 2016 social media awards, I decided to create something of my own as a momento of what the award  meant to me. Something that could be shared with other people, after all, we all love Torbay! […]


Have You Got Your Blog On?!

Posted By: Helen Brenton on October 10, 2016

Get The Blog On We live in a blogging world, and I for one am a bit of a self-confessed blogger – I would blog 24/7 if I had time! But of course there are other parts of my life and work that need taking care of too – so once or twice a week […]


Does Social Media Work?

Posted By: Helen Brenton on October 4, 2016

Does Social Media Work? Having recently been asked – ‘Does social media actually work’? I thought I would write and share a very quick answer! To start with, there is no point in ‘being on social media’ unless you make it part of your online marketing strategy. Every tweet, comment, pin or link should have some […]


Love Torbay? I need your help!

Posted By: Helen Brenton on September 25, 2016

Following my recent recognition in the ‘Love Torbay’ category at the Social Media Awards, I had the idea of creating a ‘Love Torbay’ calendar from a collection of my photos. But which ones?! So I decided, it’s not about me – no, I want as many people as possible to help choose the photos that […]


My Week That Was

Posted By: Helen Brenton on September 9, 2016

My Week that Was (a personal blog) My, what a week that was! And it was my week too it was! For someone who has never really won much more than a few arguments and a couple of games of Cluedo – the last week has seen an interesting streak of luck! Well I say […]

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