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The year that was!

Posted By: Helen Brenton on December 29, 2017

What a year that was! It’s that time again… so many posts on social media going on about ‘new year new me’ like you see every year. I have jokingly said I am going to defriend people if I see many more! [or is it unfriend?!] I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am all […]


Is Social Media Here to Stay?

Posted By: Helen Brenton on October 29, 2017

Being a social media advocate for peoples personal and business benefit – I do sometimes think the world is divided into those who embrace social media and those who still say to me ‘ah it’ll never take off it’s just a fad’! Well, that’s where I believe they are wrong… Let’s take a look…. We as […]


English Riviera BID – my ‘bid’!

Posted By: Helen Brenton on October 16, 2017

Promoting the English Riviera as a beautiful location to visit is in my blood. For the past 27 years, I have worked within the local tourism industry, from hotels to holiday parks and more recently with vacation ownership and serviced apartments. In my current role as Sales and Marketing Executive at The Osborne Club, I have revitalised […]


Early Autumn 2017

Posted By: Helen Brenton on October 6, 2017

Late September and early October have been particularly colourful this year with some stunning early morning and late afternoons. This is a very lovely time of year to visit Torquay and South Devon, still warm enough to sit out and dine al-fresco but without the hustle and bustle of the main season


Digital Tourism on the English Riviera

Posted By: Helen Brenton on September 23, 2017

Digital Tourism on the English Riviera It’s not often one turns up to the Theatre first thing in the morning. But then Friday was no ordinary morning! It was with interest that I had read online about Google’s ‘coastal tour’. Google’s Digital Garage has partnered with British Hospitality Association and National Coastal Tourism Academy. Their […]


Late Summer 2017

Posted By: Helen Brenton on August 23, 2017

Late Summer 2017 A selection of my photos taken during the late summer. August this year was a mixture of torrential rain and storms, and long balmy days. And the late Bank Holiday weekend was wall to wall sunshine which brought a stream of last-minute visitors into the Bay!


Early Summer 2017

Posted By: Helen Brenton on

Early Summer 2017 Early summer on the English Riviera saw some superb weather, with a heatwave in June boasting temperatures of around 30 degrees! Many of us were even complaining it was too hot! With the wheel in its new location next to the Theatre, it was good to capture some different images of the […]


School’s Out

Posted By: Helen Brenton on July 20, 2017

Are school’s out?! Oh yeah, of course, it’s that time of year again when Facebook is full of mums going ‘oh no, it’s that time of year again!’ Yup a whole six weeks or so of little darlings driving mums all over the country to distraction – and to drink! I must admit, I myself […]


Beyond the Sea…

Posted By: Helen Brenton on April 16, 2017

I am very lucky to live so close to the beautiful sea front in Torquay, and along with many other people I enjoy taking photos of the sun rising and setting on the sands and the Marina. But what goes on beyond the sea? These are just a few of my Easter Weekend photos showing some […]


Being a Mum

Posted By: Helen Brenton on March 26, 2017

What is being a Mum? I’ve recently noticed the many ‘mummy blogs’ online- a growing trend of mothers expressing what mothers have known for generations. That being a mum is tough. Being a mum comes with no job description, no training and no handbook. And no two people do it the same way! Being a […]


Love Yourself!

Posted By: Helen Brenton on February 14, 2017

Someone asked me the other day how long had I been separated. Separated seemed an odd word to use to describe me – all I could think of was an egg, or a bottle of oil and vinegar! I am not separated – infact I am together, complete and whole! That got me thinking….. Indeed, I […]


Let’s Face It!

Posted By: Helen Brenton on January 31, 2017

What could I do with a month or two of free time every year, eh? I could meet up with friends, chat with my elderly parents about their memories and family history; I could read books that are collecting dust; go walking on the Moors; look through old photos; start writing the book I have […]

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