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Love where you live?

Written on the: February 14, 2016 by Helen Brenton

Okay, this post mpier231215.2.namedight not be agreeable to everyone reading it…. but I am going to write it anyway!

I have read with interest the debate about the ERBID for Torbay – should we? shouldn’t we? And more the point why should or shouldn’t we?

I am taking slightly different view – and with headlines like  “11,500 TORBAY JOBS AT RISK!! ZERO budget for promoting Torbay from 2017” falling into my social media newsfeed, it got me thinking….

I will cut to the chase….. you do not have to be on a committee [offers welcome!] or be one of the regular ‘big voices’ in the Bay to have your say and do your bit! This week alone I have received three enquiries through my personal social media account – one from as far away as Arizona – from people who have seen photos or links that I have put on my personal twitter! Enquiries from people I do not know, who have never been here [to Torquay] before, asking me for recommendations of where to stay, what to do, even giving me dates when they are planning their trips, ages of their kids, right down to the food they like to eat! As I said I am not a business – so have I just ignored the messages as there is ‘nothing in it for me financially’? Or have I replied? Answers on a post-card!!

Helen Brenton is a personal website – not a business – so Helen Brenton does not have any kind marketing budget….  far from it! But what I do have is a knowledge and a passion for where I live, and I like to think I am doing my own little bit in my own little way – simply for that reason.

It may be so that ‘Only a Tourism BID could generate £500,000 per year needed for Destination Marketing’ [Herald Express/Promote Torbay] and time will tell…. but – and I know I am not the only one – with the power of social media little people like me can, and will, continue to reach far and wide simply because they love, and believe in, where they live… and want to share that with the world. Every little helps!

[this is meant as a light-hearted and positive post, and not to get into a debate about the ERBID – [which can be done here]




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