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Le Club Franglais

Bonjour! Parlez-vous francais? Bienvenue au Club Franglais!

Le Club Franglais, an online & offline social and networking community for Francophiles in Torbay, meets regularly twice a week to speak and practice French and discuss culture and current affairs.

Le Club runs twice a week at the French Restaurant Le Bistrot Pierre in Torquay, but meetings and locations may vary from time to time. I also run a monthly French Film evening at the Blue Walnut Cinema in Chelston Torquay, as well as arranging special dinner soirees for occasions such as Bastille Night, Noel, etc!

Whether you speak fluent French or just a few words, everyone is welcome. It’s just for fun and to put a little joi de vivre and raison d’etre into your life! I call it ‘bringing the je ne sais quoi to the Bay’.

As the founder and Manager of this Club I’m also keen to have contact from local organisations, attractions or groups who are interested in joining in, or in joint ventures.

Give me a call for more information – it’s okay, you can speak in English if you don’t speak French!

*Le Club now has its very own website – check it out here:

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