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Is Social Media Here to Stay?

Written on the: October 29, 2017 by Helen Brenton

BSocial Mediaeing a social media advocate for peoples personal and business benefit – I do sometimes think the world is divided into those who embrace social media and those who still say to me ‘ah it’ll never take off it’s just a fad’! Well, that’s where I believe they are wrong…

Let’s take a look….

We as humans are social animals, and for as long as time has existed, people have relied on communication to strengthen their relationships. Yes, over the years, we have dreamt up all kind of weird and wonderful solutions for communicating, face to face and otherwise.

Sure, to some social media might seem like a new and even passing trend – but social media sites as we know them today are a natural evolution of many centuries of social media development the origins of which stretch far deeper than you might imagine.

Did social media begin with cave drawings? Long before the internet [and even I!] existed, images appeared on cave walls as a means of getting a message across. Moving swiftly forward a few years give or take and the Roman Forum appeared, being the centre of commerce, religion and politics centuries. Was this the ultimate networking forum perhaps! And what about town criers – spreading the news of the day throughout history – real-life Facebook statuses with a loud voice! [ a bit like me really!] Then came the printing revolution and news could be spread daily across the globe. And of course not forgetting the good old pen, paper and stamp to keep in touch with family, friends, and pen friends.

But then – big news –  two very important discoveries happened – the telephone in 1890 and the radio in 1891, followed of course by the first television broadcasts. Yes from thereon in, communication was never going to be the same as media, not just social, surged into something never known or envisaged…

Forward fast to the year 2000, and access to the internet became commonplace for many. Initially, seen as a hobby, people began to engage in chat rooms, fans forums and dating sites. It’s hard to believe that the social networking sites that are household names now were yet to come!

So what has happened in the last 15 years or so…. well, before too long, many websites got in on the act and began offering social media services of some kind or other. One of the biggest changes was that social media has developed into an important tool for use in business too as companies started include social media addresses and icons on their websites, posters and even tv commercials. Indeed, social media has become one of the key ways for marketers and business owners to drive traffic to their websites and increase awareness of their brand.

So, social media eh, where will it all end? Well as long as the world keeps turning, and humans need to communicate, it won’t! With technology moving rapidly forward all the time it would be fascinating to know where social media will be at the end of this century – not that I will be around to blog about it by then! [that would take a different kind of technology altogether!]

So, social media…. are you just a passing fad? No, you are in our genes!


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