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Is everybody having fun?

Written on the: December 10, 2015 by Helen Brenton

So forfood someone who likes blogging and writing and just generally putting her thoughts and opinions out there, this girl has been a little quiet the last few months! Well, not quiet in the quiet way [that’s kinda not likely to happen with me!] but quiet in the ‘I haven’t written a blog on my own website for ages’ kind of way’!

Then suddenly – omg where did that year go – and Christmas is here! Well nearly!

Christmas of course won’t be here however until I have done at least another couple of heavy duty sessions in Amazon (the website that is – I am not going for celebrity in the jungle!) and then the big work out – work out whether to have new or roast or both, with either turkey, ham or beef or all three. De rigueur. As Xmas pretty much follows the same format every year – I think it’s known as ‘tradition’!

So it’s exactly 2 weeks before ‘the big day’ – or should that be the ‘big eve of the big day’… during which time, in addition to my usual routine, I have to consume at least 10 additional bottles of wine; eat three turkey dinners (2 on the same day!), eat a beef dinner, an Italian [meal that is, not person – though you never know!] a Chinese (same comment as previous re meal not person) half a dozen mince pies, the box of Roses that’s sitting on my desk….. and all that is just for starters! ┬áThen god help me I will be trying to get into a LBD (other colours and styles are available – they might have to be)!

So, here it is Merry Christmas everybody’s having fun! And as for looking to the future – well I will look into my crystal snowstorm thingy for now and keep shaking it up… and hoping for the best!

I’ll be back with some Christmas crackers soon! Bah hu……. [stop it Helen!]

Now then, where’s the door of number 10 – no not Downing Street – the one on me advent calendar………… oh more chocolate! Well it would be rude not to!

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