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English Tourism Week – The Season Starts Here!

Written on the: March 5, 2016 by Helen Brenton

YepTorbay – it’s that ‘Tourism Time’ again – the start of another season! And here in Torbay & South Devon, one of the country’s biggest holiday destinations, we are all buzzing as we anticipate a great season ahead.  The good weather is yet to come, but we are already  off to a promising start and very much ‘Open for business’ for the year ahead.

English Tourism Week is a seven day celebration which aims to highlight the quality and vibrancy of visitor experience, and the value it gives to the whole nation. And this year, 2016, is its 5th anniversary! We’ll raise a cup of tea to that!

This national celebration of events  runs from 5th to 13th March, and aims to raise the profile and understanding of tourism in our country. English Tourism Week is also a great incentive to attract visitors from further afield and to encourage them to experience the variety, accessibility and value our region has to offer. The Tourism Industry touches everyone – visitors, residents and employees. Active all over the country, and supporting 2.6 million jobs the visitor economy is worth £106bn to the country.  The industry is also a major employer for young people and an incubator for entrepreneurs.

Tourism is not just for those of us who work within the industry… think about it… it is also for local residents to discover, or rediscover, just what is on their doorstep! When was the last time you went to a Theme Park, or took a walk on the Moors? Or do you do it regularly and take it for granted!!!

Every business counts! Whether a small beach cafe or a large local attraction, this is your big chance to take advantage of English Tourism Week to promote your business.

Why not run an event or a competition during the week? This will really  help to raise to profile of your business by raising awareness of Tourism Week amongst local residents and visitors alike.

Have you thought about doing a ‘Made in’ feature of your produce – a great way to promote local goods! Or why not set up an exhibition focusing on local history or culture?

Remember, this is your big chance to promote your business in any way you like for the coming season.

In 2016 we have every opportunity in the Bay with the Torbay Airshow coming for the first time in June, and in September a world-wide audience will be attracted when the GGN2016 will showcase the Bay as a top tourist resort as well as a first-class conference destination.

And finally – Spread the word – especially  on Social Media! It’s good for everyone! Add the hashtags  #EnglishTourismWeek and  #ETW16 to your tweets! There are already lots of photos and stories from around the country!

Let’s get #South Devon and #Torbay on there this week too…  and show the rest of the country how it’s done!

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