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Daffodil Day

Written on the: March 1, 2016 by Helen Brenton

Pinch Punch Day?  St David’s Day? Today is a special first of the month, as many people are reconsigning St David’s Day. Celebrated on the 1st March each year, the patron Saint of Wales enjoys his very own day which actually marks the day of his death in 589.

However, I also like to call today Daffodil Day! Appearing  in early spring, around the time of St David’s Day, the daffodil has become the most generic of welsh symbols, and a paints a picture in the minds of many for St David’s Day.  Although announcing the beginning spring and waking of nature, daffodils are one of the few rare species of plants able to successfully grow through the snow, and did you know they are also perennial plants meaning they can survive more than two years in the wild?

Interestingly, daffodil is actually the official common name for any plant that falls under the genus Narcissus, including jonquils, paperwhites, and others? However, the term “daffodil” is generally used to refer to that familiar trumpet-shaped bloom.

I tend to simply call them daffs to be honest – but however you refer to our familiar, favorite flower, there is a host of golden ones in Torquay already….

  • Beside the Lake
  • Beneath the Trees
  • Dancing in the Breeze
  • A Never Ending Line
  • Tossing their Heads
  • Along the Margin of a Bay

And as I wander…… I see yellow ones, yellow with white, some alive and proudly displaying themselves in groups… some just popping their heads out to say hello for the first time…. These photos , mostly taken over the last few days, are a sure sign that Spring has sprung early this year…

And may our hearts with pleasure fill, and dance with the Torquay Daffodil…

(To see more of my photos of Torquay and the local area, why not take a look at my ‘Out and About‘ page)



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