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About Me

Thanks for dropping by on my website…. a place where I share my hobbies, activities and interests, as well as my professional expertise!  So, let me put you in the picture!

Living in Torquay in South Devon I am pretty passionate about the local tourism industry and what it has to offer – from our stunning coastline, great beaches and fantastic attractions I am proud to be a part of this up and coming resort.

Someone once called me a Social Media Queen – I like that! I am pretty savvy when it comes to all things social – and an aspiring photographer to boot. Online and digital marketing is my forte, and I also a love organising things – from the files on my desk, to people, and to pulling off events!

Why not browse through some of my stunning photos & videos of the local area… I can often be seen out and about it the Bay trying to get that next killer shot! And if you like what you see, contact me if you want to use any of them for yourself or your business too.

Being an avid networker online and off, I am founder of Le Club Franglais, a growing network of French speakers in the Bay (yes I speak French too!) which also supports the Ageing Well initiative, and which has now grown to support a monthly film club and regular social events.

Why not get in touch to get in my circle!


My News & Views

The year that was!

What a year that was! It’s that time again… so many posts on social media going on about ‘new year new me’ like you see every year. I have jokingly said I am going to defriend people if I see many more! [or is it unfriend?!] I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am all […]

Is Social Media Here to Stay?

Being a social media advocate for peoples personal and business benefit – I do sometimes think the world is divided into those who embrace social media and those who still say to me ‘ah it’ll never take off it’s just a fad’! Well, that’s where I believe they are wrong… Let’s take a look…. We as […]

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