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My News & Views

Welcome to Torquay, Please Take a Seat!

Walking around Torquay I often just sit and stare at the world going by… the rising or the setting of the sun, the leaves on the trees, the boats in the sea….   It is far too easy sometimes to be too busy just to take a seat and stare at the beauty around us…. […]

Feeling Good, Torquay

Suitably inspired by the summer sunshine, my surroundings, and an awesome version of an old classic, I created a montage of ‘feel good’ photos set in and around Torquay   Why not hop over to my youtube channel? You can see my ‘Feeling Good. Torquay’ video here  

The year that was!

What a year that was! It’s that time again… so many posts on social media going on about ‘new year new me’ like you see every year. I have jokingly said I am going to defriend people if I see many more! [or is it unfriend?!] I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am all […]

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