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Torquay Harbour

Evening Harbour Torquay August 2015




Shaldon Beach

Shaldon July 2015


Thatcher Rock

Daddyhole Plain August 2015






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Beyond the Sea…

I am very lucky to live so close to the beautiful sea front in Torquay, and along with many other people I enjoy taking photos of the sun rising and setting on the sands and the Marina. But what goes on beyond the sea? These are just a few of my Easter Weekend photos showing some […]

Being a Mum

What is being a Mum? I’ve recently noticed the many ‘mummy blogs’ online- a growing trend of mothers expressing what mothers have known for generations. That being a mum is tough. Being a mum comes with no job description, no training and no handbook. And no two people do it the same way! Being a […]

Love Yourself!

Someone asked me the other day how long had I been separated. Separated seemed an odd word to use to describe me – all I could think of was an egg, or a bottle of oil and vinegar! I am not separated – infact I am together, complete and whole! That got me thinking….. Indeed, I […]

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